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Theatre, Voice and Film

This covers showreel scripts written and tailored to suit your acting style and personality. Whether it be dramatic or comedic, these scripts will be designed to show off what you do best and make it shine on screen or stage.

Having your own script written specifically for you allows you to make the work your own and really make the most of your specific skillset. Many actors find it hard to perform scripts that have been done in the past off of famous TV shows, films or plays on screen as it is very hard to escape the original performance. A personally constructed script takes the hassle and the fear of comparison away.

No two scripts that are written are alike and having them written from an actor's perspective will mean that it will have all the qualities that you look for in a good script as a performer and will have the ease of performance in mind.

After having a talk about what you hope to achieve and the type of performance you would like to give in the showreel, a script will be devised for you within a week, and if after reading it you have any changes you would like to make those will be included free of charge.



Past works


The Passage performed at the Clifftown Theatre. An adaptation of the story of Persephone and her journey into the Underworld, told through puppetry, aerial work and physical storytelling. 


Numerous showreel scripts specifically written for actors for their showreel. Also scripts written for professional showreel companies in the UK and abroad.


Collaboration and team writing with theatre companies to enhance storytelling and dramatic structure. 


Writer's Block which is a one man show performed to audiences around the UK. Described as wacky, rapid fire comedy with a lot of heart - a human embodiment of Looney Tunes for the (not too) grown up.

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